Software Modernization

Has your software ever held you back? Maybe it’s issues with scaling or too few resources to meet the demands of your customers. Maybe it’s time you’ve explored a solution that doesn’t require a full rewrite or brand new mainframe. We have the answer.

Inside innoWake's solution to Software Modernization

Today, many businesses and consumers live completely in the cloud— a wireless database accessible through the Internet and web browsers. Software servers connected to the cloud enjoy ease of microtransactions, flexibility, and adaptability to handle the influx in new technology thanks to the support of a current development language. As the demands and technology evolves, mainframe servers are at a disadvantage for scaling and growth.

When an outdated database needs to integrate with cloud-computing technology or add a convenient feature for today’s tech-friendly user, there’s no reliable solution for modernizing that comes without a hassle or risk.

The innoWake difference

Some attempt a complete rebuild of the entire development environment just to add a feature, and turn to their IT department to take on the challenge. Others resort to buying an off-the-shelf software that magically migrates years of complex data, and run the risk of losing it all. These only compound the problem, and don’t solve the underlying issue.

At innoWake, we understand each complex environment is different than the next, needing a custom solution for a highly customized software. Our method avoids the difficulties that arise in complete reprogramming and the unnecessary risks associated with off-the-shelf software. Our iterative approach relies heavily on automation and precision to eliminate human error and generalizations.

Our method in three simple stages

From running a hybrid of hardware and cloud-computing to replatforming an entire mainframe, innoWake has the custom solution for legacy software modernization.

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