Software Migration

Replatforming to modern languages like Java and .NET decreases dependency on outside vendors and allows flexibility without additional costs. Maintenance is simple, but the original code remains unaltered.

Antiquated software systems trying to meet today’s demands can finally modernize into cloud-based technology without fearing the anticipated risk. Our solutions eliminate the nuances of having to rebuild an entire system from scratch when adding a new feature, and instead safely migrates the entire mainframe through precise automation.

We start with one piece of the pie, run it through our migration tools, and test it. Once it’s working properly, we move onto the next piece of the pie. No big bang. No blind rebuild. No flipping the switch and hoping it works. Because trust us, it works.

The innoWake difference

Defined by flexibility, innoWake offers a top-tiered solution for migrating programming languages and databases without the risk of losing data or code. It’s guaranteed to perform exactly as it did before migrating with the added benefit of saving money on vendor licensing and mainframe maintenance costs. There’s no need to rewrite the code or redesign an application — simply put, innoWake does it right the first time.

Our custom approach works two fold. First, we ensure the complexity of data is secure on the new hardware or cloud-based servers, without the physical burden of guarding a massive mainframe. Second, we’re able to adapt our iterative process to each client, learning from a piece-by-piece procedure and bringing the developer along for each step. And, our tools make it happen flawlessly.

In turn, migrating to another programming language creates a significantly less dependence on outside vendors. A successful software migration from innoWake can cut costs by up to 90 percent — an ROI that is usually achieved in 2 years or less.

Risk-averse products

maxenso batch • maxenso enterprise-engine • maxenso soa-connector • maxenso meeclipse

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