Development Modernization

Get away from your old VI editor and get up to speed with a modern development environment. Through innoWake’s development modernization, you can ensure a seamless development, build, and deployment.

Software modernization is notorious for data loss and recurring delays. But what if that wasn’t the case? innoWake believes companies deserve the flexibility and freedom of a modern development language.

With a new level of productivity, innoWake leads the industry in saving time and improving efficiencies with future-proof technology. You’ll find yourself saying, “This too good to be true.”

The innoWake difference

The innoWake difference starts with a hands-on, custom approach to each client and IT department. Development teams carry a great deal of weight on their shoulders, maintaining all software updates and being solely responsible for coding antiquated languages. We work in conjunction with development teams to keep them up-to-speed and hands-on with our entire modernization process.

Solutions-focused service

innoWake’s unique solutions offers development teams a simple way to get familiar with modern programming languages such as Java and .NET, as well as modern software engineering tasks. With the knowledge to build, compile, and edit code in a new language during the replatforming process, developers will be equipped to manage their current software database, while also building out new ones. This seamless development training allows IT teams to learn the new legacy software language throughout each iteration of replatforming.

In order to gradually adopt a new development language, innoWake has created a custom interactive development environment that supports older languages that typically can’t run on Eclipse.

While Eclipse comes in a lot of flavors based on the language being used, it isn’t equipped for programming languages such as Cobol or Natural. innoWake provides custom platforms designed around these antiquated languages so that developers can use a familiar environment to learn the new programming language. Since archived code and data must be developed and maintained while working on modernizing new pieces, the innoWake solution creates a seamless transition.

Developer-driven products

maxenso cobolclipse • maxenso lifecycle-manager • maxenso application-builder • maxenso natclipse

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