innoWake offers peace of mind by modernizing mainframe environments with zero risk and maximum flexibility. Discover our custom software modernization solutions.

Software Modernization

Has your software ever held you back? Maybe it’s problems scaling or having too few resources to meet the demands of your customers. Maybe it’s time you’ve explored a solution that doesn’t require a full rewrite or brand new mainframe. innoWake has the answer.

Application Modernization

Improve usability and business processes through a modern user interface and future-proof architecture. By eliminating the risk and cost associated with replacing legacy systems, innoWake introduces an IT-approved solution for modernization.

Development Modernization

Get away from your old VI editor and get up to speed with a modern development environment. Through innoWake’s development modernization, you can ensure a seamless development, build, and deployment.

Software Migration

Replatforming to modern languages like Java and .NET decreases dependency on outside vendors and allows flexibility without additional costs. Maintenance is simple, but the original code remains unaltered.

Powerful products changing the IT landscape

Antiquated software and ambitious IT teams can find remedy in our custom-made interactive development environments. Enjoy a similar environments that speaks a modern language.

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