innoWake has created a Service-Oriented Architecture (SOA) gateway connecting the lightweight middleware for mainframes & distributed systems.

Recreating the mainframe

Mainframes are a great centerpiece for thousands of successful companies worldwide. The unprecedented computing power in the processing heavy transactions virtually guarantees a high-performance IT. The innoWake soa-connector provides this same level of power to other systems. In addition, declining budgets and constant cost-optimizations provide the need for significant platform changes. The innoWake soa-connector intelligently allocates tasks between mainframes and other favorable platforms with no loss of performance and safety.

Dealing with TCO

Running software on mainframe systems is expensive and antiquated for the next generation of employees. Moving processing to cheaper alternatives is becoming imperative. The soa-connector allows migrating to more modern platforms without sacrificing existing functionality.

Shifting from the mainframe

The costs for computing power on distributed Windows and Unix systems are significantly lower than mainframe hosting. A shift away from the mainframe to modernized systems can be very attractive, from both a short and long term perspective.

A simple solution

The soa-connector offers IT teams the freedom to expose and consume functionality in Cobol, Natural, PL/1, Java, .NET, etc. The versatility allows interconnected services to the outside world, transforming the mainframe into a powerhouse of modern business functionality. From a business perspective, this flexibility of mission-critical applications is essential for organizational competitiveness. Linking websites, external partner systems, telecommunications systems, and the like must be flexible and independent of hardware and software.

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