Improved productivity and quality

The lifecycle-manager prevents unintended overwriting of source code that can lead to errors, time-consuming, and costly analysis. Even small defects can have a tremendous impact and halt mission-critical applications. innoWake’s lifecycle-manager prevents such problems before they arise.

Integration with the existing development environment keeps the learning curve low and the results speak for themselves: When daily work is optimized by many more gradual items over time, while the error rate is kept to a minimum, time-savings and development quality is guaranteed to increase monumentally. In addition, the change process is vigorously supported by the lifecycle-manager, therefore rapid changes in the software are at the very least always possible, transparent and comprehensible.

Achieve more with the same team

Decreasing IT budgets are forcing development departments with lower staff counts to perform the same—or even increased—workloads. Therefore, the development has to be as lean and as pragmatic as possible. Bumpy development processes with numerous manual steps needlessly prolong development time.

Reducing manual errors

Nowadays in most IT departments, several technologies run hand-in-hand, such as combined Cobol and Java applications. An integrated development process covering all these technologies leads to many tedious, manual steps. Expensive development resources must invest a great deal of time in the deployment of such software and less time working on applications. With lifecycle-manager, IT teams can automatically create file versions to continue and organize each variant throughout the development process.

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