cobolclipse is the most advanced Cobol IDE using the Eclipse platform for Cobol development. With this hybrid of Cobol and Eclipse, there is no reason to work with an antiquated development environment. The innoWake team has built a server environment that any skill level can manage and utilize as a unprecedented productivity tool.

Eclipse-based programming

Harness the power of the best development environment available today. Use thousands of plugins from the Open Source community, leverage existing Eclipse experience in your teams.

Top-tiered productivity

Code completion, code outlines, tasks, bookmarks, error markers, and syntax highlighting — all the wonderful everyday helpers are available in this modern-day environment that developers will love.

Next level development

Benefit from the latest improvements in development, such as MyLyn’s task-oriented development, and many other game changers. Best yet, implement these preferred practices across the entire organization.

Leverage existing infrastructure

If you already have CVS, Subversion, Microsoft TFS, or IBM ClearCase in your development environment, then simply use these for Cobol. The cobolclipse professional and enterprise products integrate with any versioning system that plugs into Eclipse.

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