Developing efficiently

innoWake’s business-oriented development focuses on rapid and efficient development of enterprise software. With this tool at their disposal, developers model business requirements directly within application-builder. The process is closer to designing a process than actual programming. None of the actions require detailed knowledge of a particular programming language or technology. Instead, an outline of the application and the business process is quickly drawn up, and can be deployed as a testable application or basis for further specification with business units. By circumventing the tedious process of specifying the business logic in human language, the model supports close interaction between IT and users. An application of 100 dialogs is easily built in 50 days or fewer.

Technological independence

Applications built with our approach are state-of-the-art. They adhere to the principles of service-oriented architecture and use solid frameworks. Front ends can be web-based or rich clients, with the ability to mix and match the two. If different target architectures are required, then they can be supported without having to change the application logic. That means specifically: if the application is created in Java today, there is nothing that could stop you from changing it to .NET tomorrow. You can achieve complete technological independence without any code rewrite. This very agile IT strategy effortlessly keeps pace with modern technological advances.

Premium functionality

application-builder comes with a host of simple and intuitive editors and functions to allow focussing development resources on solving business problems, not technical issues. Removing this technical layer also enables easy vertical changes to the application: look-and-feel adjustments, for example, apply-to-all applications built with the tool.

Benefits at a glance:

  • Simplified development with rapid business results
  • Future-proof design modeled independent of technology
  • Easily interchangeable technologies
  • Business-specific policies defined and applied across the entire application.

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