The maxenso is innoWake’s product family in which all individual products live under. The maximum enterprise solutions allow modernizing the development environment and the entire application with enterprise strength tools. In addition, the toolset takes COBOL, Natural, or PL/1 applications to Java and .NET using full automation.


Whether development starts from scratch or builds upon large existing systems, application-builder helps along the way.

maxenso cobolclipse

A modern and intuitive development environment for Cobol using Eclipse.

maxenso lifecycle-manager

A one-of-a-kind system for task- or version-based deployment, independent of the programming language in use. Integration with arbitrary request systems like Jira®, RTC, or Microsoft TFS is possible, and covers mainframe and distributed system platforms.

maxenso natclipse

An innovative development environment for Natural using Eclipse that has been in use for many years by countless innoWake customers.

maxenso soa-connector

A lightweight middleware for mainframes and distributed systems that allows the use of zIIP and zAAP processors.

maxenso adaclipse

An intuitive query tool for Adabas. With this visual Eclipse plug-in, no development experience is required to access Adabas data and export it to Excel.

maxenso batch

A tool to easily manage and run JCL scripts on Unix/Linux.


maxenso databridge

A simple and direct access to Adabas using Java.

maxenso fieldtracer

An exclusive tool to trace fields from Adabas in Natural programs. Regardless of how intricately data is processed, redefined, assigned, moved, and passed between Natural programs, this tool traces it all. For example, the daunting task of changing a field’s length from 8 to 12 becomes easy and straightforward.

maxenso enterprise engine

The high performance Java/.NET framework that underpins the migration process for all mainframe languages.

maxenso meeclipse

A development environment that combines the features of legacy programming with modern development in Java. Finally, Java is within the reach of Cobol and Natural developers with unprecedented ease.

maxenso natanalyzer

A visual code analysis tool for Natural applications, exposing internal elements such as code complexity, dependencies, and level of documentation.

maxenso natcreator

An Eclipse-based replacement for Natural Construct™ or Predict Case©.

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