innoWake Secures Patent For Innovate Migration Technology

Austin, TX /Senden, Germany – A patent application for innoWake’s migration solution filed in the United States and Europe has been granted by the U.S. Patent Office.  The patented technology is an innovative solution for mainframe migration that more cohesively merges the two worlds of the old languages (COBOL, PL-1 and Natural/ADABAS) to the new languages such as JAVA and .NET. “I was surprised that the patent was approved faster in the US than in Europe”, says a clearly pleased Michael Mayer, Head of Quality Management, who was responsible for the application. And he adds, “But we are confident that the patent will soon be …
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GRAWE Selects innoWake To Modernize for The Future

Graz – Senden, January 31, 2017 “Reliable insurance coverage for all” was the motto of Archduke Johann of Austria when he founded the Grazer Wechselseitige Versicherung AG (or GRAWE for short) in 1828. What began as a fire insurance company has grown into a multilateral, international company uniting insurance companies, banks and real estate under one umbrella. GRAWE has always relied on state-of-the-art IT systems to ensure the highest quality standards and was quick to realize the benefits of process automation and information technology to ensure their long-standing traditions. The GRAWE group developed their first insurance applications more than 30 …
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Making The American Dream a Reality – Software Innovator, innoWake, welcomes 100th Employee

Austin, TX – July 29, 2016 With aspirations to become the world leader in modernizing computer legacy applications, innoWake international hit a major milestone welcoming its 100th employee this month. Hailing from Senden, Germany, innoWake has become heavily focused on the United States market establishing offices in San Francisco, CA and Austin, TX. The company has seen an impressive employee growth rate starting with 4 full-time US positions at the end of 2013 to currently 35 full-time US positions, with planned continued growth through the end of 2016. “We have proven to be the worldwide leading benchmark for legacy modernization,” …
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innoWake: Award-winning IT Implementer

Senden, June 9th, 2015. In their latest ranking of the best consulting firms in Germany, the business magazine brand eins awarded three stars and thus the best ranking to innoWake. Within the scope of the study, more than 1,300 questionnaires were evaluated. In addition, executives from publicly-traded companies were interviewed. “To be on a par with companies like Ernst & Young, Accenture, and Deloitte Consulting is an honor for a mid-sized company like ours“, enthuses Thorsten Bernecker, Managing Director of innoWake. “This proves that not only are our customers satisfied with our solutions, but also that we are one step …
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IT Options for Insurance Conference Focuses on Migration

Düsseldorf, October 25, 2016 2016 innoWake attended the renowned Metro Cash & Carry Conference which took place in Düsseldorf, Germany last week. As expected, most of the speakers focused on digitization when it came to the topics regarding “IT Options for Insurance”. The mutual consensus was that the impact of digitization will primarily change the areas that revolve directly around the customer or those in which the customer is to play a more central role in the future. To ensure the requisite flexibility on the frontend, stable systems and established processes are required on the backend when the customer purchases …
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