About Us

We’re the leader in legacy software modernization for antiquated applications, databases, and development environments. We provide a convenient, risk-adverse solution for bringing outdated servers into today's demanding, cloud-based environment, on time and on budget.

The Challenge

A modern world with dated software. With antiquated software systems still relying on entire rebuilds when faced with updating features, many industries are unable to find a successful solution for modernizing their software applications. With many years of project experience and sophisticated product solutions under our belt, we seamlessly support the analysis, definition, and evaluation of strategic directions for a rehosting sustainable IT architecture. When the hands-on rebuild and off-the-shelf model produce unsettling results, innoWake makes an on-time, on-budget software modernization a reality.

The Vision

Software modernization without concern. We offer a holistic approach to modernizing outdated development environments for today’s demanding landscape. To innoWake, successful projects stem from automation, iteration, and innovative tools. By evaluating the development, the application, and the running system, we can then determine the appropriate products that should be used to get the job done. Our expertise lies in aligning Java, Natural, PL/1, and Cobol into one harmonious server that functions in the modern era.

The Difference

Done right, the first time. Our competitive edge is clear. Through extensive experience working through the pains of existing applications, we’ve developed a simple, soft approach to modernization. It avoids the issues that arise during complete reprogramming, as well as the unnecessary risks associated with off-the-shelf software. innoWake’s holistic solution uses innovative architecture that provides a flexible solution with customized iterations, plus the independence of adapting to any complex technologies in the future. Our work is characterized by transparency, team spirit, knowledge transfer, and confidence — see for yourself.

Our Story

For over 15 years, innoWake has been offering innovative, sustainable, and flexible solutions for modernizing legacy applications and development environments. We’re an inspiring team of persistent, innovative, and hardworking professionals who have a passion for software modernization. Our process is unique and proven, giving customers an experience that can’t get anywhere else. 

We pride ourselves on revolutionizing the industry by creating a holistic system and sophisticated product solutions that works for IT teams, visionary executives, and company growth. Characterized by transparency, team spirit, and confidence, the innoWake difference is clear from day one.


Innowake Leadership

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We value a determined work ethic, a complementing team, and energetic talent. Discover the opportunities at innoWake for software engineering and consulting.

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