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Iterative in nature, innoWake provides a convenient, holistic solution for software modernization. We prioritize data preservation, precision, and profitable returns.

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Innovative solutions for antiquated technology

With over a decade of experience, innoWake leads the industry with innovative, sustainable, and flexible solutions for modernizing legacy applications and development environments. In an age ruled by technology, software doesn’t have to be a decade behind. Enjoy modernization without the hassle or fear that actually saves your team money and improves internal efficiency.

Modernizing in the wake of innovation


With unprecedented reliability and agility, we securely migrate complex data applications with our custom tooling and modernization process for government agencies.


innoWake brings the education industry into the current global, digital, and information economy through our iterative and innovative process.


By adding flexibility and customization to the financial world, innoWake easily migrates complex databases into the digital world without affecting the current data structure.


While our industry specialization spans the heavily dated industries, it hardly concludes our expertise. innoWake brings flexibility, customization, and modernization to companies across all industries.

Solutions that work

There’s the rebuild.

IT teams and developers want to dive in and get their hands dirty modernizing software themselves, but with a high failure rate, it’s hard to promise a consistent end product.

The out-of-the-box.

Standard off-the-shelf software tends to result in unforeseen horrors. While some may think it’s the easy solution, it’s hardly the reliable one.

And then…there’s innoWake.

We offer the most efficient, secure, and cost-saving solution in the industry. Trust our industry-leading procedure to securely migrate and modernize your software applications without breaking the bank.

Iterative. Cost-effective. Proven.

Our goal is simple—to use our expertise to modernize yours. From smooth migration to IT development training, innoWake offers a simple, seamless solution for replatforming an antiquated application. With over a decade of experience, our approach eliminates the costs associated with a constant rebuild and prolonged timelines. Let us bring your software into the digital era.

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